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About Pure Nature Products

Pure Nature Products is a small family run home-business located near Nakuru in the Solai Valley, Kenya, East Africa. All our inputs, sesame, peanuts and avocados are sourced locally from nearby farms and all our labour is locally hired. This allows for a constant income source to local communities in the area.

The avocados are picked by hand from an old plantation here on the farm and though not certified organic, they have been left to grow naturally for many years with no fertiliser or chemicals so are naturally organic.

The sesame and peanuts are carefully selected and cleaned before pressing.
The oils are then filtered using cotton, hand-made filter bags and the ensuing oils are a totally clear and golden colour, Avocado oil a rich green oil which glows red with transmitted light.

Cold pressed oils are extracted using no heat or chemicals and are then only filtered until perfectly clear. NO harmful refining process involving heat, bleaches or deodorants is used. Therefore the oil retains all itīs natural colour, taste and smell as well as its natural vitamins and minerals in their purest forms. These oils are naturally rich in vitamins A,B,D and E as well as lecithin.
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